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About John Monarch

Founder of fast growth startups, innovation advisor, with a strong focus and background in science and technology. He is an experienced blockchain executive and supply chain leader. John consults and advises brands large and small on improving their operations from logistics to customer service, and is a UN Supply Chain Expert, as well as World Economic Forum alumnus. John is an FAA Licensed Private Pilot, volunteer, and active community member in the Greenville, SC area. He is a graduate of Clemson University in Physics and Computer Science. He is an avid musician, primarily on brass instruments including the French Horn, and produces various styles of music in his spare time.


John has led multiple companies, scaling to over 8 figures in revenue and hundreds of employees.


John has consulted ecommerce, regulated goods, and celebrity brands on improving their operations, saving millions.


John has spoken in front of thousands of conference attendees, and emphasizes building interest in new tech.


John is an avid travel photographer and musician. His work can be seen at John Monarch Photography and on Soundcloud.


John works with cutting edge technologies and pushes them forward, including blockchain, AI/ML, IoT, and more.


John is an FAA licensed Private Pilot, pursuing Instrument and Commercial ratings.



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