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INSIGHT: Blockchain Can Ease Costs from New Maritime Fuel Regulations

by John Monarch, for Bloomberg
New maritime regulations requiring higher-grade fuel will increase sustainability and improve environmental conditions but will also increase shipping costs. ShipChain CEO John Monarch says blockchain can calm the waves of this disruption and help shippers go full steam ahead.
NBC News

Your fancy European wine and cheese may get more pricey

by NBC News
"The targets are largely "goods that don't have an easy way of moving around" for production in another country not facing tariffs, according to John Monarch, chief executive officer of supply chain software company ShipChain."

3 Hiring Challenges Leaders Must Overcome to Build a Successful Team

"But a great team doesn’t build itself. It’s a direct reflection of your hiring practices and your leadership’s ability to foster a strong company culture. These are the three biggest challenges you’ll face while building a successful team."
Transport Topics

Blockchain Useful in the Food Supply Chain

by John Monarch
"The level of risk and uncertainty that comes with food safety issues illustrates why the global food supply chain needs better methods for preventing contamination. Businesses need to improve transparency and real-time visibility — the ability to track shipment data in real time from origin through the final destination.  " - Also published in Print edition of magazine.
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Inclusive Deployment of Blockchain for Supply Chains: Part 4 – Protecting Your Data

by World Economic Forum
"The deployment of blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies in supply chains offers considerable advantages. Nevertheless, their deployment and implementation can raise concerns about how best to both meet data protection laws and protect commercially sensitive data."
Washington Post

Travelers are turning to credit-card disputes when other routes to a refund have failed

by the Washington Post
"Although many chargebacks are legitimate — the business didn’t deliver the service it promised — not all of them are. Increasingly, credit-card holders are turning to the dispute to retaliate against what they see as a company’s unfair policies, says John Monarch"
Fast company

Try this effective technique to keep learning throughout life

by John Monarch for Fast Company
"Effective learning methods don’t just apply to a classroom setting, either. You don’t (or shouldn’t) stop learning once you leave school. The difference is that in order to be a lifelong learner, you have to take charge of your development."