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Attention, Shoppers, Today is Free Shipping Day!

Many service levels include insurance, but a few do not. If you have a valuable item it is highly recommended that you do not ship via First Class Mail for instance," said Monarch. "A base level of insurance is included on levels such as USPS Priority, UPS Ground, and FedEx Ground — typically $50-100. Ask a representative at each location to increase the insurance to your desired value, and keep your receipt from the carrier just in case."
The Washington Post

Travelers are turning to credit-card disputes when other routes to a refund have failed

"Increasingly, credit-card holders are turning to the dispute to retaliate against what they see as a company’s unfair policies, says John Monarch, chief executive of Direct Outbound, a company that offers chargeback and call-center services to businesses."

Prepared for the Bitcoin Cash collapse?

"There is a reason why Bitcoin Cash rose so significantly - Jihan Wu of AntPool, the largest Bitcoin mining pool in the world, announced their support for mining Bitcoin cash," says John Monarch, a cryptocurrency expert and CEO at Direct Outbound Services LLC, Greenville, S.C.

8 steps to fighting chargeback fraud

"Usually, you won't hear from the customer if they're committing friendly fraud, says John Monarch, CEO of Direct Outbound, a Greenville, South Carolina, call center firm that provides chargeback dispute services. Many customers go straight to their card issuer as a matter of convenience, whether their chargeback is a result of someone misusing their credit card, friendly fraud, or even incorrect chargebacks that are a result of not recognizing the purchase."

5 Industries Blockchain Will Disrupt

"With Blockchain being the hot topic in banking and finance, it’s easy to not realize the implications of this game changing technology across various industries. With that being said, here are five industries you may not have thought of."
Upstate Business Journal

The Science of Service

"John Monarch, the 28-year-old CEO of Direct Outbound, has a degree in physics from Clemson, and though he doesn’t use the major directly at the growing customer service and fulfillment company, he does see how the fields are similar."