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John Monarch

Founder, Speaker, Investor, Leader.
John Monarch graduated from Clemson University in Physics and Computer Science. He credits this technical background with empowering him to grow multiple companies to over 8 figures in revenue, and leading global teams of several hundred employees.  A lifelong entrepreneur, he has always sought his own way, and has been working independently and building businesses since he was a teenager.

John founded one of the fastest growing fulfillment and logistics businesses in the United States, as well as outsourced customer service firms, as well as performance based internet marketing and advertising firms, he cofounded ShipChain, working to bring visibility to the entire supply chain through blockchain technology.  His focus is assisting businesses in the digital transformation, and making technology much more accessible to legacy companies.

John has been published as a member of the World Economic Forum's Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Work isn't everything, however.  John also enjoys performing classical music, as an avid French Hornist, music composition and arrangement, photography, becoming a licensed private pilot, and just spending time with his dogs.


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